Buying a Home - Buying a home will probably one of your most significant investments in life. Not only are you choosing your dwelling place, and the place in which you will bring up your family, you are investing a large portion of your assets into this venture. The more prepared you are at the outset, the less overwhelming and chaotic the buying process will be. The goal of this page is to provide you with some general information to assist you in better understanding the home buying process. Remember, I'll guide you through the whole process from home buying search to after the closing. You're in good capable hands.

Mortgage and Interest Rates - As you start shopping for a home loan, your first question of each lender will probably be "What's your interest rate? How much are you charging?" Mortgage interest rates are usually expressed as an annual percentage of the amount borrowed. If you borrowed $100,000 at 5% interest, you'd owe interest of $5,000 for the first year plus a portion to pay down the principal amount, which in our example is the $100,000. Don't forget that you'll also need to factor the monthly cost of homeowner's insurance and property taxes to your budget. A competent mortgage loan officer can walk you through the entire process. Remember, I was once a mortgage underwriter so can easily guide and explain this process step-by-step. It's only difficult if you don't know what to expect. 

Home Inspection - Inspections are designed to help you understand the overall condition of a property, potentially saving you considerable time with the purchase process and hundreds or thousands of dollars in repairs. Your inspection rights are clearly stated in the contract. The cost of an inspection report is well-worth your piece of mond considering your spending thousands of dollars. I will also negotiate for the home seller to make repairs as needed.

Negotiations - This is a skill that most agents lack as they are more often just glorified messengers. This is understandable as good negotiating takes skill. Most agents don't know how or are too lazy to put in the work to present a compelling offer. I've literally looked at thousands of home purchase contracts. I know how to present an offer. A good negotiator isn't just someone trying to get you a low price. Good negotiating is about planning, presenting, representing, quick-thinking, etc that undoubtedly benefits you but just as importantly, compels the home seller to accept. Remember, it doesn't do you or me any good if the home seller doesn't agree. This possible back and forth process can often be quite emotional but I'll guide you along step-by-step focusing on your goals and our tasks at hand.

My Unique Services and Guarantees - Remember, ask me about paying for your appraisal and/or home inspection report. You'll also receive my Easy-Exit Buyer's Agreement allowing you to fire me without cost, no obligation, no problems and no hassles. Plus, I'll pay you $50 if you decide to fire me. Again, excellence is not easy. It requires accountability, dedication and commitment, not lip service. So if I profess to be an excellent agent, shouldn't I back up my words in some substantial way? How do other agents back up their promises or commitment to you besides just lip service? Do the common things in an uncommon way to achieve excellence.

After The Closing - My commitment to excellence doesn't stop once you move into your new home. It's just the beginning! Life is dynamic - always changing and evolving. It's not static so your life will change too. Hence, I'll continue to provide annual reports on your property and neighborhood. Call me any time for local property information as well as any property throughout the country. I'll present the data and provide you with in-depth analysis so you'll continue to make informed decisions for you and your family.