Yes, YOU Can!

Excellence is to do a common thing in an uncommon way.

                                                                                      - Booker T. Washington

If you want to achieve excellence, you can get there today. As of this second, quit doing less-than-excellent work.                                                                                                                                                                                                                       - Thomas J. Watson

In real estate as is often in life, we don't alway expect excellence. However, if we prepare and expect excellence, we will more often hit the mark than if we don't. So, are you expecting excellence from your real estate agent? Are you asking for excellence? If not, why aren't you? If they don't deliver excellence, can you fire your agent?

I wholeheartedly expect to deliver excellent work for my clients all the time. How can I consistently expect this? One way is by setting up parameters that benefit my clients and holds me accountable to earning their business every day, not just at the beginning. For example, practically all real estate agents will require you to sign a listing or buying agreement for X amount of months. This is generally believed to benefit both parties because you and the agent are contractually commited to working together during that time period. But what happens upon working with your agent that you perceive him/her to be less than competent, not professional or poor overall service? What if that agent's opinion of himself/herself is different from yours? You may be stuck for a while and certainly won't be happy with that situation.

Because I want to "do a common thing in an uncommon way", I offer an Easy-Exit Listing and Buyer's Agreement that allows you to get out of our agreement in 15 or 30 days without cost, no conditions, no obligations - zilch, nada! This holds me accountable every day. Many agents expound on their ability, knowledge, etc to help you sell/buy a house but will they put their money where their mouth is? I actually want to earn your business every day and willingly offer you an opportunity to fire me if I'm not delivering excellent service to Your satisfaction, not mine.

So if you're looking for a truly service-oriented agent committed to excellence, give me a call today! This means selling your home promptly at the highest price possible and/or finding the best home to fit your needs and criteria. It means not having to worry regardless if you're a 1st time or 20th time home buyer or out-of-state home seller. Need sound advice on renting or selling your house? Need help with mortgage lenders or general contractors? Want a skilled negotiator? Then, call me today! I offer results-driven guarantees that other real estate agents woudn't dare propose. Check out the services offered on my site and see the excellence difference!

Want a FREE home inspection report and/or appraisal? Allow me to pay for it!

Get FREE list of properties for sale based on your search criteria! Email updates on foreclosures, price reductions & more!

Investors, out-of-town and vacation home buyers needing property management? I'm at your service!

- Not happy with my abilities and/or service? Fire me and get $50!


- Get top-notch marketing! 24/7 info text #, your own property website, Craigslist ads, just listed postcards to announce to 100 of your neighbors, YouTube videos & much more!

- Service and SOLD guarantees! You're trusting me to sell your house so why shouldn't I risk my own money too? Why aren't other agents doing this?

- NO  worries about long-term listing agreements so I have to earn your business every day, not just at the beginning. Fire me or your listing is FREE!



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